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In January 2021, during the public consultation period, Otley 2030 held its first public meeting. Local experts gave their thoughts on the planned development and short videos of their presentations have been uploaded to the Otley 2030 YouTube channel. They serve as a useful overview. There's also a beautiful song and a poem, celebrating and lamenting the potential loss of our fields, written and performed by Cathy Crabtree and Fiona Hilton. Please click to watch.


Neighbourhood Plans were brought in as part of the Localism Act in2011, to give communities 'direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area.'

Find out more about them, here:

Otley's Neighbourhood Plan

Otley benefits from having a Neighbourhood Plan, which was voted in by residents in February 2020.


Download the plan from the Otley Town Council website:

Here are the pages in the Neighbourhood Plan which specifically relate to East of Otley:


Read more about biodiversity and planning in Leeds here. Look at the Leeds Habitat Network and what areas it protects in Otley through the 'View designated sites' tab at the bottom of the page. 

Map created by local ecologist, Gordon Haycock, showing protected habitat loss at the development site.

Read our MP, Alex Sobel's response:


Do you know what a 'core strategy' is, or a 'mixed use site'? Take a look at this useful jargon buster from Alistair Watson and the ODD Campaign

'The East of Otley (EoO) Development Brief aims to ensure that comprehensive; complementary and policy compliant development is achieved on allocated mixed use site. ...'


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