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The Hybrid Planning Application (HPA) was published by the Otley East Consortium in May 2021. We are currently working through the vast amount of documents in the HPA - about 3700 pages in total! The most effective action that anyone can take in order to influence the outcome of this major development is to respond to the planning application. In order to help you respond in an informed way, we will release our findings and advice when we have completed our investigations.

The East of Otley Action Group's community campaign (including Otley 2030, Otley Community Land Trust, Wildlife Friendly Otley, Otley Nature Network and other local groups and individuals) has organised working groups and has liaised directly with the consortium’s consultants responsible for different elements of the development.

We are liaising with Town and City Ward Councillors and our MP, and will keep them appraised of our work. This will help to ensure a coordinated community effort that achieves our aim of an exemplar development in line with the Neighbourhood Plan, if development is to go ahead.

There are strong feelings against the development, and some in support of it, but we believe that the consensus is that IF the development is approved, it needs to honour the Otley Neighbourhood Plan and ‘Do the right thing!' by our community, nature and the planet.

The sustainable future of our community depends on this development being pursued in the right way. 


'The origins of the East of Otley development can be traced right back to a public consultation during 1978 on three alternative routes for a proposed new road from the Leeds Road roundabout heading east towards Pool'...

Click here to read more details from Alistair Watson, ODD campaign. 



The most important thing we can all do is to respond to the planning application.

We appreciate that responding on planning websites can be both daunting and time-consuming, so when the application is finally live we will provide you with handy guides to help you to submit your comments (see below). You'll also find many supporting documents on the RESOURCES page of this website. Whether you only have five minutes to spare or you can spend more time to make your thoughts known, our guide will help you make the most of this opportunity.


We are currently reading through over 3700 pages that were in the Hybrid Planning Application and consulting with a number of experts in order to understand the proposals. This will take some time, but we promise to publish advice on how you can respond to HPA in good time for you to make an informed submission.  


If you only have a few minutes to spare, we'll aim to prepare answers that you can cut and paste to save you time...


With a little more time on your hands follow this guide to submitting the most impactful response... 


If you have the time and energy to take a deep dive, we'll help you to respond to the application in detail...

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