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Signs of Love

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

A group of volunteers from East of Otley Action Group put up hand-painted signs highlighting some of the most important and threatened features of the East of Otley site, including wildlife, trees for climbing, and access for walkers and dogs...

The new signs were painted by Otley-based artist and photographer, Casey Orr, using wood and paints donated by the community. Casey said: “I wanted to get involved because art can be empowering even with this small intervention. I make hand-painted signs as a way to incorporate this traditional craft into the public life of our town and community."

'We thought our wildlife corridors would be safe!'

“The signs are there to be enjoyed for themselves, to raise awareness and hopefully bring some joy - and help people to remember the fields and wildlife spaces in the town belong to them, to everyone.”

Casey was joined by senior ecologist, Gordon Haycock, who is working alongside The East of Otley Action Group.

Gordon said: “This wildlife habitat is so important for the people of Otley: When we voted for the Neighbourhood Plan, which has a policy to protect this wildlife corridor, we thought it would be safe!

“Today the trees are filled with starlings, and we have all enjoyed watching the barn owls hunting

voles in the long grass this winter. The proposed new development must protect and retain these

habitats for both people and wildlife!”

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